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Coming to the Livingston County Airport July 11th through July 14th!

This powerful traveling memorial consisting of 8 life-sized portraits of 23 fallen servicemen from OH-based Lima Company 3/25 during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005, Honors ALL Who Answer Our Nation’s Call; Then, Now and Tomorrow. Delivered to you by R+L Carriers, their eyes reflect the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have sacrificed while defending our freedom. Visit the non-profit Eyes of Freedom at

The Eyes of Freedom: Lima Company Memorial was generated as the result of a vision in which artist Anita Miller saw the finished product and was asked to create it. With the help of the families of the fallen and those who returned from L3/25, the work was completed and unveiled in the Ohio State House Rotunda in 2008, as the vision foretold.

As of 2018, this memorial includes Anita’s newest creation: a life-sized, bronzed sculpture of a serviceman seated with head down, his demeanor depicting emotions of the internal Silent Battle, as the touchable work is aptly named. He represents our nation’s veterans who struggle with suicide and post-traumatic stress, as they navigate life after combat. This powerful offering brings healing through acknowledgment and hope to all who come in contact with him.


This remarkable traveling tribute is supported by a board of directors consisting of retired military, business women and men, and clergy. The full-time touring team has a personal connection to the men in the paintings: Mike Strahle is a purple heart combat vet who fought alongside these men and was badly injured in one of the attacks. Sean Flaharty was personal friends of the fallen and helped support Anita as a volunteer for years before becoming part of the touring team. Both men offer personal insight into the history and experiences of this powerful memorial.